How can I invest through an entity?

How can I invest through an entity? Featured Image

On Cur8 there are two types of investment; Individual and Entity.

After successfully adding an investment entity to your account, you can invest in our deals using your company or trust, or other entity, across our portfolio. Our users can invest as an individual, entity, and even multiple entities, or each deal and the platform will track the investment for each type independently. Each deal can support individual investments and investments from each entity you register.

For instructions on setting up an investment entity, you can follow the steps below.

When setting up an entity, after you submit your documents for verification, our team will be in touch to notify you once your entity has been approved or if we require any further information. If you have any questions, you can contact us.

How do I set up an entity?

  • 1.) To set up an entity, please first register a Cur8 account or log in to your existing account here

  • 2.) Navigate to your account name on the top right hand side of the screen

  • 3.) Click on your name, and click “My Account”

  • 4.) Navigate the account overview to the section labeled “Entities”

  • 5.) Click on the entities tab and click add new entity, after clicking please fill in the user information from the perspective of the entity when the form appears on screen.

  • 6.) Submit the information, and declare that the information you have submitted is accurate. Then wait confirmation from the Cur8 team for the status of your entity

Alternatively you can set up an entity when viewing the details of a deal on the live deals page:

  • 1.) Navigate to the deal details page on the Cur8 web or mobile app
  • 2.) Click “commit investment”
  • 3.) Once you are taken to the investment page beneath investment amount box there is an option to select whether you are investing as an individual or as an entity. Click the underlined term and a menu to select individual, an existing entity you have registered, or register a new entity will appear.
  • 4.) To register a new entity click the “+ Add New Entity” button and fill in the entity information form. Our team will contact you when your entity has been fully registered.
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