How much should I invest?

How much should I invest? Featured Image

We don’t give financial advice but we can guide you on how to think about portfolio construction.

  1. Investing in startups is a higher risk investment and also illiquid (so you can’t freely exit the investment). As such, it would be sensible for only a minority of your portfolio to be allocated to startup investing, with the majority allocated to more liquid, mainstream investments.
  2. Investing in real estate is less risky as it is asset backed and yields a return from much earlier.  However it too does come with some risks and you should make sure you diversify your overall portfolio across a range of asset classes.
  3. Investing in fixed income through govt. sukuk is also relatively low risk.

Once you have signed up to the platform you will be offered a complimentary financial coaching call where you can think through these points.

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