Are my investments Sharia-compliant?

Are my investments Sharia-compliant? Featured Image

Yes, all investments we bring to our investors are sharia-compliant.

We cover 3 main types of investment: investments into businesses, real estate and fixed income.

Investing in businesses is by its nature is Sharia-compliant as it is a pure equity based investment. We screen companies to make sure they are not operating in any non-Sharia compliant industries such as alcohol or gambling. We also ensure that our startups are not in sectors where they are very likely to require debt finance at a later date. We carefully negotiate legal terms to navigate around some of the less obvious sharia-compliance issues as well.

On the real estate side we partner with sharia-compliant providers who use only Islamic financing if necessary.

On the fixed income side we partner with sharia-compliant providers who invest only in Islamic  investments.

One of our founding partners, Ibrahim Khan, has a masters degree in Islamic Finance as well as an Alimiyyah degree, and so he does majority of the screening. In addition to Ibrahim, we currently have two other Muftis that we engage with when needed. You can find out more about them on our forum.

Since Cur8 itself invests and/or gets a profit share from deals, we’re as concerned about sharia compliance as you are. We regularly turn down interesting investments before because of sharia-compliance issues.

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